Focal Sopra No 2 vs Magico A3

I wish I could listen to the Focal Sopra No 2s and the Magico A3's in the same room on the same day with the same equipment.

In the fantasy world I like to live in Focal lowers the price on their Sopra No. 2's to better compete with the Magico A3's. Wow. Wouldn't that be great! Not sure what I would do then. Probably buy the Sopra No. 2's.

I purchase speakers on what they sound like NOT what they look like. Who would buy speakers based on how good they look?

I don't see how people can enjoy speakers that they know perfectly well are "coloring" the sound, which by definition means they are not hearing what is on the recording.  Seems like it would be too much cognitive dissonance. 
Coloration is always a bad thing, unless you are building guitars.
There is no "magic" in MDF flexing.

So all speakers should be made with aluminium casing....

Exact science speaker 101: Aluminium body only. What a dull and bland world hi-fi would be if all speaker were made like so.

I want options, différences, coloration, fun , pros and cons.

All speakers should be made with stiff cabinets that are well damped. If hearing music, the way it was recorded, is boring to you that is for a another thread altogether...
I'd like to put sciencecop and Alan Shaw in a room together for a couple of hours, and be around when they came out...