Focal Utopia Scala V2 or Persona (9H/7F)

Interested in one of the following speakers. Would love to hear from anyone that has actually heard them as they are not available for auditioning in my small market. Currently driving Dynaudio C4's with Krell Evolution one and two's and want a change.
Has anyone compared a 9H to a Scala V2 or Scala Evo? I'm guessing no way a 9H could compete?
I can think of almost no scenario where I’d recommend a Scala evo over a pair of 9H.  And I love focal.  The value of the Scala is just not there in comparison. 
If you want to start discussing value then that’s a tangential discussion where there is going to be a lot of divergence.   I’m also not sure such discussion is of any value unless someone has articulated a hard budget and that becomes a primary factor in the selection (and then there’s used versus new).  In any case, you could raise the same complaint against any of the top names - Focal, Wilson, Magico and so on.
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