Focal v Wilson

how would folks that have heard both compare a Focal Alto Utopia BE to a Wilson Watt/Puppy 7?



So depends on your ear and the listening space.  Have speakers from both companies.  And "last years model" or demos can be had within your price range.

Bedroom -- vintage Teresonic tube integrated, Focal Diablo Utopia Eco, cabling a mix of High Fidelity cables and Rick's new Illumination line.  Sourced mostly from Hifi Rose streamer  - and for that room the sound is phenomenal

Listening room - Ayon Triton Evo tube integrated, Ayon streamer used as tube DAC for Hiffi Rose 130, Wilson Sasha V (upgraded from Sabrina), Avenenger Rererence turntable, VAC Renaissance phono preamp and Ricks new cables.  Mid size family room - not a dedicated listening room but allows system to get more use.

Find a brick and mortar dealer that will let you trial in your listing space if possible.  All these recommendations are great but they come with all our biases.  What sounds good to you What music do you listen to?  Unless you know someone who likes things "voiced " like you do .........


Enjoy the journey!

Wilson and Focal are both good speakers if you have the right gear for them.Borensen are superb as well.

Had WP7s for years and loved them. Replaced them with the original Sashas. 

The Sashas were a real upgrade, more even sounding and produced a big speaker sound.  They are available used at good prices.  Now have Yvettes, also an excellent speaker. They have just been superseded by the new Watt-Puppy, a clever marketing move for Wilson.  Yvettes should be coming on the market used at a good price.  Good listening.

The combination of Focal Utopias and Boulder amplification has synergy made in heaven. Boulder use Grande Utopias in their listening room, so it's not unexpected. 

As for Wilsons...Wilson + Soul = Focal Utopias