Folk/Rock choices that are well recorded

Just wanting to hear from you smarties on your recommended best sounding, most fulfilling,folk/rock recording CD's. Simple as that.....thanks. Let's have fun. Dave.
America - their first and self-titled album. Amazing acoustic guitar, songs, recording . . .

This is one I recently re-discovered. I had it in college (I recall it came out the same time as Neil Young's "Harvest". I recently picked it up on vinyl and it's been on my table a lot.
The new Sun Kil Moon album, "Tiny Cities". It's all folk-like covers of Modest Mouse songs, and the production is stellar.
If you can find original pressings of the first 3 Peter, Paul, and Mary albums on Warner Brothers with the gold label (later pressings are green) you'll be amazed at the clarity and dynamics. I'm not saying I'm that old but I've been told this is true. :-)

The second (Turn, Turn, Turn) and fourth (Younger Than Yesterday) Byrds albums can also be very very good.
You can't go wrong with THE BAND. Capitol has just re done the catalog on CD 24 bit and they sound great or Simply Vinyl has "Music from Big Pink" and "The Band" (the brown album) which is my favorite by them.
Billy Pilgrim: Billy Pilgrim
David Wilcox: How Did You find Me Here?
Indigo Girls: Indigo Girls (Gold CD)
R.E.M: Murmur (200gr MFSL) ..... yummy!