Follow-up to my alien aduction-like anecdote.

Both of the members who read my review of the Intuitive Design Summit Loudspeakers will (maybe) remember an anecdote regarding an alien abduction-like, lost time experience. I continue to believe that NO alien abduction ever happened to me, and that I was just listening to the speakers and lost track of time.

But I wonder, have any of YOU had a similar experience while listening to your stereo systems??? Are you concerned that you may have been abducted by aliens during a hifi listening experience?? As for myself, I remain unconcerned, but as a service to other A'gon-izers who may have had a similar experience while listening to their system and who now wonder if they were, "taken," I post this link to an online resource that may provide some peace of mind. You can thank me later. Here it is:

Peace of mind for audiophile abductees
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I'd heard that people were just dying to get into that black Nike sneaker club! Where'd you find the extra pairs, by the way?
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Thanks Tvad.

Hey, wait a minute here....Do you suppose that Albert Porter's Porter Ports are really Porter Ports PORTALS for use by aliens in telePORTation? My Odyessey Extreme monoblocks were BOTH plugged into his Ports when I had the "experience." Is Mr. Porter himself an alien? Does he wear.....BLACK NIKE SNEAKERS?????

OK, Mr. Porter, I think the jig is up. Time to come clean to the ENTIRE Audiogon community!
I'm wearing white New Balance shoes Tvad and Mdhoover, I promise.

As for my cryo outlets, I've noticed that clocks plugged into Porter Ports move their time telling dials exactly 1440 minutes every 24 hours.

I tried this with an ordinary outlet and got the same results but plan on conducting the test again, once the clock is completely broken in.
damm, that velostat crap is a conductive material, it's like walking around with a lightning rod on your head.

i wonder what the attraction is with nut job's & aluminum foil.
Aww crap I bought one of those ports! Better get the Helmet and shoes. Do they come in mathcing sets?
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I used to get abducted all the time when listening to music and I was able to resolve the problem. I sold my Essence speakers and Townsend table with Grahem arm. When I purchased a Yamaha system the aliens stayed away. The only strange side efect is that my fillings hurt when I play Amanda McBroom.
I may be that ALIENS were controlling your mind and trying to get you to sell your stereo on the cheap so that they could buy and then convert it into a secret weapon and TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!!

Probably not, though.....

In a related development, yet another fine Audiogon member, with the moniker "Beemer", has demonstrated that he, too, has been keeping abreast of this exciting new technology.

Here's a link to the link that Beemer posted in another thread:
Link to the link posted by Beemer in a different thread

And if that doesn't work, try this:
Yet another on line resource for audiophiles wanting to "foil" aliens

Well, Art, it's a good thing you have us fellow A'gon-izers to look out for you!

Very interesting links, no doubt - and yes, I certainly am so very lucky to have guardians such as yourself out there!
oh,and remember, just because you're paranoid doesn't mean that people/aliens aren't really out to get you!
"remember, just because you're paranoid doesn't mean that people/aliens aren't really out to get you!"
Well said, Art. (So hold on to your Verity Parsifocal Encores!)