Follow-up to my alien aduction-like anecdote.

Both of the members who read my review of the Intuitive Design Summit Loudspeakers will (maybe) remember an anecdote regarding an alien abduction-like, lost time experience. I continue to believe that NO alien abduction ever happened to me, and that I was just listening to the speakers and lost track of time.

But I wonder, have any of YOU had a similar experience while listening to your stereo systems??? Are you concerned that you may have been abducted by aliens during a hifi listening experience?? As for myself, I remain unconcerned, but as a service to other A'gon-izers who may have had a similar experience while listening to their system and who now wonder if they were, "taken," I post this link to an online resource that may provide some peace of mind. You can thank me later. Here it is:

Peace of mind for audiophile abductees
I used to get abducted all the time when listening to music and I was able to resolve the problem. I sold my Essence speakers and Townsend table with Grahem arm. When I purchased a Yamaha system the aliens stayed away. The only strange side efect is that my fillings hurt when I play Amanda McBroom.
I may be that ALIENS were controlling your mind and trying to get you to sell your stereo on the cheap so that they could buy and then convert it into a secret weapon and TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!!

Probably not, though.....

In a related development, yet another fine Audiogon member, with the moniker "Beemer", has demonstrated that he, too, has been keeping abreast of this exciting new technology.

Here's a link to the link that Beemer posted in another thread:
Link to the link posted by Beemer in a different thread

And if that doesn't work, try this:
Yet another on line resource for audiophiles wanting to "foil" aliens

Well, Art, it's a good thing you have us fellow A'gon-izers to look out for you!

Very interesting links, no doubt - and yes, I certainly am so very lucky to have guardians such as yourself out there!
oh,and remember, just because you're paranoid doesn't mean that people/aliens aren't really out to get you!