Food: What does the typical audiophile eat?

Here's an interesting question. What does the typical audiophile eat? Does the type of food reflect on the type of audiophile?
Taking bagels for example, I may like an occasional onion or cinnamon but always go back to the plain old plain bagel for long term eating. But a plain Ray's Bagel from NYC sure is better than the Lender's variety. Hard to go back after that.
Uhr, I have been force fed crow on occasion by fellow Audiogoners. . . but can't claim to be especially partial to the corvine diet. . . must be an allergic reaction to raw black quills. . . . . I do so love fava beans in any form and all sort of other highly [uhr] 'reactive' legumes, and their tofoish derivatives, particularly if spicy hot!
Looks like somebody ran out of things to tweak.

I would assume they eat what other people eat.
No offense but this is the most absurd question I've come across. Then you kick the thread off with the most boring food, bagels. You're telling us you eat raisin bagels sometimes but always go back to plain bagels for long term enjoyment. Sweet Jesus, I haven't laughed this hard in a couple of days.

BTW, I'm eating a slice of lemon pound cake right now with some grape-cranberry juice. I had cornflakes for breakfast, pasta with marinara sauce for lunch and a Boca Burger with curry rice and veggies for dinner.
i have a hypothesis that those who prefer panel speakers to cone speakers are either more likely to be vegeterians, libertarians or conservatives, while those who prefer cone designs are more likely to be meat eaters or liberals or somewhat to the left of center.

hmm, where do the hybrid-speaker owners fit in ?