Footers Under Power Conditioners?

I own a Audioquest 7000 and I am wonderin’ if a set of Critical Mass footers would provide any benefit?
They are a little expensive to just try, so, has anyone had experience with this combination?


@lowrider57 ,
Thanks, I looked into them and they look similar to a few others out there. Time to experiment.
I thought I was done with my system for the time being.

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Fellow Niagra 7000 user here - I agree it produces a more dynamic sound with my amplfier than straight into a wall socket.

I do have footers under my Niagra - Ansuz Darkz DTC. They are expensive but make a difference. You can probably find them second hand now. If you do go down the Ansuz route do not go for anything less than D-TC in the range - some of the lesser models sound much less good.
Yes - I think you should. 

My system is now finally fully set up on CS 2 footers after a year and a half, except for plastic base items and loudspeakers.  I will be adding the speaker footers as soon as funds allow. 

The conditioner is a custom one and the footers on it were installed last.    That was a mistake...I should have done those first.   I found equal improvements on DC power supplies.  Rather more than on the corresponding equipment.

What I takeaway from this experience is that power improvement is the biggest bang for the buck for me.

By the way I used the Ansuz darkZ DTC earlier - 3-4 times the price.  No comparison.  In my system replacing them with the CS2 was a substantial upgrade.   

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The footer combination of EVP’s and a block of myrtle wood (weird or unconventional but I voiced to that through trials or many types) under my Curl and Bybee designed Wells Looking Glass filter is crucial to my systems voicing/balance. The EVP’s didn’t work for me under active gear but they are VERY effective. So effective that it can be to much a good thing.
There has been some very good and interesting comments on this subject and I thank you.
I think the Niagara 7000 is a different animal than many power conditioners because of the huge transformers inside. When you place your ear close to it you can actually hear it hum.

I went ahead and ordered a set (4) of the Critical Mass 1.0 footers for the conditioner. The funny thing about these footers, they go through a weird break in stage. I know, hard to believe, footers breaking in. But, with my other equipment they first sounded just ok, then bad, horrible, and then about 10 days later glorious!

So, if they do improve sound quality underneath the Niagara, I wonder if these too will go through the same break in phenomenon.