Footers Under Power Conditioners?

I own a Audioquest 7000 and I am wonderin’ if a set of Critical Mass footers would provide any benefit?
They are a little expensive to just try, so, has anyone had experience with this combination?


@facten ,
 I got them from someone stateside who no longer sells them. What I did find was Bespoke Audio Group:
You used to be able to get them on amazon. I don't think they'll sell direct as long as there's someone stateside representing their product.
It looks like he's been very busy since when I got my 3D2, which were circular and not the squares he now sells. He's got three more products as well.

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I wonder if a meteor passing a million miles away could change the earth’s magnetic field to a point where it may affect the output of my MM cartridge....
If the space shuttle were transported right in front of your house, I doubt you'd hear it......


Look forward to 300 hours of pure horror whilst the cs2 footers break in!  Playing time.

After that it's still another 300 to 400 hours to the purest form of glory for nuts like ourselves. 

Best wishes.

My Niagara 1200 sits behind my couch on the floor, wall to wall carpet. That is where it will remain. Suffice to say I think it is stupid to think you could possibly perceive whether it is supported by spikes or hemispheres or cones or whatever....I'll go with expectation bias. It's a power conditioner, nothing more. Now, a turntable or cd player? Well then, yes I believe you should spend time getting those isolated/supported properly. 
Again, I say the Niagara 7000 is a different animal when it comes to power conditioning. It has some very large isolation transformers. That is why I think the Critical Mass footers could help.
I don’t know for sure, that is why I asked the question. Soon, I will have them to try. But as aubreybobb stated and I have found that the Critical Mass footers go through a weird break in.