Footers Under Power Conditioners?

I own a Audioquest 7000 and I am wonderin’ if a set of Critical Mass footers would provide any benefit?
They are a little expensive to just try, so, has anyone had experience with this combination?


@facten ,
You're welcome. If you find the Les Davis pads too expensive, you might want to try some constrained layer damping material from a supply house. It could be that Les Davis contracts with one of them and has them made to his specs with logo attached.

Also, I ended up with using just one pad per end on my Niagara 1200 as it stands on it's side. I thought 2 were great until I tried just one layer which gave me the best results. Each additional layer only lessened the highs, air and detail.

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Well I just received and immediately installed the Critical Mass Footers 2 1.0 version underneath the Niagara 7000. And though I know it will take much time to break in (or adjust), at this moment, I am clearly hearing better separation of the instruments within the soundstage. 

So, though I am expecting things to improve  further in the next few weeks with additional settling time, I can honestly conclude that the Audioquest Niagara 7000 does improve considerably with using the Critical Mass footers.

My experience has been, almost universally, that the first 3-4 hours of most stuff gives an impression of what they will eventually sound like after burn in. Then it's the usual 250 - 300 hours of normal break in nasties.

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I use Herbies square dots under mine because I had put the Panamax back on the 1.5" butcher block rack too soon after sealing it with 50/50 Tung oil and Mineral Oil and the feet stuck to the surface. The feet broke when I levered it off so I needed new feet. I believed it couldn't but possibly make a difference with my moderate setup but to my confusion it offered a slight increase in clarity/brightness. Weird.
To put the Critical Mass break in in perspective... I added one set under my Carver tube mono blocks.  And then about a month later I added another set under the second mono block.
When I added the second set I noticed that the soundstage image moved in the direction of the Critical Mass footers from the original placement.
Sure enough, about a couple weeks later the left channel started to come into its own and the soundstage became complete.
These footers do have a strange break in.

I'm not sure if all conditioners benefit from after market footers, but my guess would be they do, I suppose it really depends on the power conditioner and the footers.
But for all you tweakers out there, it's worth a try.