For a few dollars more

You could take your speakers, hang em high, and feel the sudden impact. Granted you may have to turn your amp every which way but loose, but then you could play misty for me any which way you can and not feel like we had to run the gauntlet. In a perfect world the beguiled listener would be the rookie, and to spend more would be a true crime. In other words, you don't need to spend a million dollar, baby.
  Dirty Harry used S&W .44 mag in all movies. .44Auto Mag was Harry's "Back up" in Sudden Impact after losing the M29. The original Pasadena made Auto Mag's are in no way related to the .22mag Auto Mag's made by AMT except Harry Sanford helped in the design. The originals offered in .44AMP, .41AMP and .357AMP are marvelous feats of engineering. The round is not a .44 Rem Mag, it is a proprietary cartridge made from .308 Winchester brass. Firing pins didn't break or fall out. Harry Sanford later sold the rights to someone who sold it to OMC/AMT which rode the name into the ground. Offering "1911ish" pistols in many unique cals. The name was again sold to a manufacturer in South Carolina. I had the pleasure of speaking with Mr. Sanford in the early 80s, amazing man, kind of the Nelson Pass of pistols. I've also had the opportunity to shoot all of the AMP cartridges including the extremely rare .41(only 2 rounds tho) they were all very manageable.
   Enjoy the music
I'll never forget the time on live TV Barbara Walters got on a Clint Eastwood rant about what a hot guy he was. Ran on for a minute or so.
I swear there was puddle on the floor between her feet when she finished.

"Don't try to understand'ed. 
Just ride'em, rope'em, brand'em"

Words to live by. 
MC, love the old Clint Eastwood references 😜😂😂

Are you feeling lucky?
I remember this, it was a loud weapon, mercy it was loud.. And not reliable either.. Every time I saw that or a Thompson Contender, there was gonna be a lot of noise, and somebody taking something apart.. Not my idea of having fun..

I'm glad I don't have to mess with ANY of them any more.. Everything I have was decommissioned. Everything my wife has was updated.. LOL

I'm a sling shot guy.... 

Who are you? Major Pain ... oh shi$, what are you blind boy? Well yes I am sir.. Next seen. Both dog and the blind kid SHAVED.. Perfect..