For a few dollars more

You could take your speakers, hang em high, and feel the sudden impact. Granted you may have to turn your amp every which way but loose, but then you could play misty for me any which way you can and not feel like we had to run the gauntlet. In a perfect world the beguiled listener would be the rookie, and to spend more would be a true crime. In other words, you don't need to spend a million dollar, baby.
Old fanboys never die...
...they just rap and wrap themselves in movie posts....*LOL*

"Yuh feelin' Lucky, punk?"


No, I'd rather feel Sweet Lorraine, perv...


"...dam' smart asz...."
St. Patricks' Day has these effects....all the amateur imbibers turn green and greet the dawn with elbows up....;)

But I'm happy to see MC in an unusual state of face....Cheers! *G*
oldhvymec - I think the film you were thinking about where Clint took an unscheduled trip was Coogan's Bluff. It doesn't hold up as well as most of his other films, but it was pretty gritty.

This is off topic but in "For a Few Dollars More", Clint Eastwood goes in a saloon and gets the guy named, "Red".  Then three of Red's friends come in. I'm trying to find out the real names of those three men.