For all you Bose 901 Haters!



I remember they bought a slough of those thing for the skating ring and hung them all way up in the top. They sounded wonderful for about two weeks. Somebody got in the place and stole everyone. I worked there. I though it was funny. We rolled out the ol Western Electrics that were put there right after the great flood (Noah's Flood) and hooked them up and they played right on.. They weighed 400lbs. I don't think they could lift them to steal them.. WE amps too. Burn the crap out of ya..:-)

My wife had Bose because her brother did. I used Jensen Imperials back then.

I liked my Imperials better. :-) Mac tube gear.. No SS

MC275 would make the Series II Bose cackle pretty good. Series 1 was a PIG. 300 watts I've seen piped into Series I, they just got louder and louder..


The 901 series 3 where my 2nd set of speakers, I hung them by chains. The foam surrounds roted bose sent me the series 6 for $125 i think.. added a big sub with a crown dc300 running it. I ran a carver 1.5t into the bose. I swear they would get swinging a party nights. Those were the days.

Folks, I was heading to Vietnam for the evacuation in 1973-74 on an amphib asault ship (USS Duluth) and when we got back, the 901's were the bomb. With the Navy Exchange stores they were side by side with Mac gear and we all had lots of $ to spend. Have to tell all you naysayers, they had there time, served an amazing purpose of loud but fun sound and we all grew up.

   Yeah, those were the days. People would cut holes in their car's panels, put in a few speakers, and perhaps an 8 track and the sound was so much better than the car radio. Subs in the trunk weren't even a thought or an option.

   Bose...I went thru that experience. Had a pair of 301's and decided to go for something better. The 901's were the sought after model by those wanting the best the brand could offer. Retail price, in those days, was high. I ran across a pair of 901 series 3 with stands and EQ for $350 and bought them. Cabinets were in excellent shape. Sound was just OK but didn't impress me much.

   After researching the 901 I found that, with age, the foam surrounds would deteriorate. Took the grills off and found that the surrounds melted to powder with a light touch of the finger. Ordered a kit to replace them. Still no improvement in sound.

   Up to that point I hadn't connected the Bose EQ to the system since I had a very good 12 band EQ. The Bose EQ made a startling improvement in the sound????

   Not to be a 901 hater but after hearing other speakers (at a much lower cost) I developed the opinion that Bose was, and still is, overpriced/mediocre gear. But, in the day, the 901's were a sought after model. They could blast very loud but offered almost no bass. That's what a lot wanted back in the day.