For all you Bose 901 Haters!



This is the very late series II Using Phase-Linear 4000 pre amp and two 400 amps that i use in my garage. Can shake the blocks.Image preview

Went to a Bose dealer 1978 or so advertised special one night show.  It was in Tempe, AZ.  Huge Macintosh mono blocks and preamp.  A Revox B77 (?) rtr for source playing a master tape at 15 ips.  It sounded awesome, but not enough for me to give up my ESS Heil AMT4s.  Only song I remember was RS Sympathy for the Devil.  Never owned a pair of Bose speakers.  One of my 10-inch woofers blew out, went down to the local speaker recone shop.  He took one look at the very cheap ESS woof and brought out a pair of Bose 10's.  Price was right, they were a lot better than the OEMs and were good for another 15 years.  Rankaudio Magnepans are very picky about their location in the room-4 to 5 feet from back wall, 3 feet from side walls.  Imagining has always been very good.   

Be honest, is there anyone on this site that hasn't owned a set of Bose speakers at some time in thier life?  🤣

I've been accused of some awful things. But owning Bose was never one of them.

Stereo means "solid", and in stereophonics, the ability for two point sources to use phase and intensity to generate a consistent audio sense of solid sound sources in depth as well as width (an image). Most stereo sources (LP, CD, Stream) are able to create this effect. There is no other reason to have speakers laid out left and right of the listening position.
Bose 901s are not designed to recreate this image. They do not reproduce a set of solid sound sources in depth and width as the recording engineer intended. They are fun and initially impressive, but they do not reproduce an image with high fidelity.