For all you Bose 901 Haters!



back in the early 70's being 18 years or so, i bought 4 901 series 2 for my 4 chanell system. i did'nt know anything about stereos but at that time the 901's were the talk of the time. i bougfht the walnut panels because i like the look of wood. i still have those 901's today!!

@firberger Glad to put a smile on your face.

I never owned a pair of 901s.  Then again, I never owned a Volkswagen Bus.  But, I can certainly appreciate whey they had a strong appeal and emotional attachment to their owners.

:) ^^^

so sorry @mrdecibel . Being 40 years ago I certainly am unable to be 100% accurate on the name. So, Ampzilla seems to be closer .....and no I was not a fan of the movie . Hmm... I didnt even spell GAS correctly . My memory and my hearing are showing their age. then I looked for SAE AMPS and found a few. So lets just say my Amplifier was solid State with a lot of horsepower for the time. 

History lesson needed. 

@firberger ...Never a need to apologize. All is good ! I am just " that way ". I am enjoying your posts. As far as memory, I only remember audio related stuff, and as an almost 68 year old, my ears are still working, which is a surprise. Was the tt a SOTA ? No worries. Enjoy !

@mrdecibel  Unfortunately I will unfortunately need to take the 5th . I remember the "SABA" name and know there was a German MFG of the same name. However looking at images on-line none look familiar . It was a very solid and basic wood plinth which had some weight to it . Much nice than the BIC which I had at the time .  I only had the table for a year and don't remember much else.