For all you Bose 901 Haters!



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so sorry @mrdecibel . Being 40 years ago I certainly am unable to be 100% accurate on the name. So, Ampzilla seems to be closer .....and no I was not a fan of the movie . Hmm... I didnt even spell GAS correctly . My memory and my hearing are showing their age. then I looked for SAE AMPS and found a few. So lets just say my Amplifier was solid State with a lot of horsepower for the time. 

History lesson needed. 

@firberger ...Never a need to apologize. All is good ! I am just " that way ". I am enjoying your posts. As far as memory, I only remember audio related stuff, and as an almost 68 year old, my ears are still working, which is a surprise. Was the tt a SOTA ? No worries. Enjoy !

@mrdecibel  Unfortunately I will unfortunately need to take the 5th . I remember the "SABA" name and know there was a German MFG of the same name. However looking at images on-line none look familiar . It was a very solid and basic wood plinth which had some weight to it . Much nice than the BIC which I had at the time .  I only had the table for a year and don't remember much else. 


It cracks me up to hear a couple of people bring up Advent speakers in this post.  I had those when I was in grade school, and coincidentally hung them from my ceiling.  Unfortunately, I fed them too much power from a crap stereo and blew the midrange out.  In college, I knew a guy who got his first job out of school at Bose and got me 301s for $99 a pair.  I connected two sets to a Sony ES stereo as a single 4 ohm speaker, and they could hammer in that configuration, which again coincidentally is what people say you should do with the Advents.  Half the fun of audio is to play around and see what sounds good to you.

Not to be my picky self again, but the Advent was a two way speaker and did not have a 3rd driver for those mid frequency bands. I am certain it was the tweeters that crapped out. All good ! BTW, I also played around with stacked Advents, and although good, my stacked Klipsch Heresy's presented me with a lot more enjoyment ( it really all sounded good with flower, lol ).