For all you Clapton fans....

I am a huge Eric Clapton fan and have followed everything he has done. I have seen him on three occasions, one of them when he was not at his best. How many of you know about his "blues" virtuosity. A recording called Eric Clapton Blues Polydor 314 547 178-2 I have it on a 2 disc cd set, and it showcases some of his greatest performances, both studio and live. There are also some tracks, such as Ain't That Loving You, a studio track, which can easily show you what your system is really made of. I guarantee a must have for all !
I refer everyone to the "Best" forum here on Audiogon to get other takes on Clapton. Marakanetz is saying he is not the best, and, that is his opinion. There are more virtuoso players, if this is what you listen for. I, however, listen to a lot of Clapton, playing anything and everything. This to me says all that's needed to be said as to how I feel about Clapton.
How about the John Mayall 'Blues Breakers' album......mid 60's?
WITH Eric Clapton in a pre-cream appearance.

Yup - a great album. Try also Peter Green and Stan Webb while we are discussing British versions of the Blues.

As Pee wee Ellis once said (and I am sure he heard it from someone else) music is more about what you DON'T play than what you do play!

Frankly you can take all those virtuosos and put them in a circus for all I care. For me I just love people who know how to play music - like Tom Petty, Maceo Parker and many others - it is not about technical ability but ALL about feel.

I have the deepest respect for Neil Peart as the "God of Drummers" but do I like to listen to him play - not really - although he is amazing!!! I much prefer drummers that tastefully enhance the song rather than beat it to death.
Saw Cream in 68 or 69. Was one of the most memorable concerts I have ever attended. The Cream reunion DVD was a huge disappointment however. Absolutely no passion in EC's playing at all on that recording. Surprisingly, it was Jack Bruce who impressed me on that DVD even more than Ginger Baker. I know it is an insensitive thing to say but I really thought the world would see Clapton return to blues playing and heartfelt songwrighting after his son tragically died but he did not. For me it was actually creepy how he transitioned that moment in his life. EC has always been able to re-invent himself to broader audiences but I no longer consider him as someone who has the his mechanical playing shows it.
Marakanetz - it is 4/4/2011, not 4/1/2011, right?

Clapton may not actually be God but he's not all that bad... Technique is also not a bad thing but in an expressive performance art form it's sure not the only thing. As far as personal preferences, Clapton & the blues can take you a long way - Clapton & Duane Allman was other-worldly.
I've been a long time fan, and have seen him twice, last time was when he toured with Mark Knopfler, around 1990 something. He was phenominal both times. If you haven't seen him live, you have no idea of how good he really is.