For all you Clapton fans....

I am a huge Eric Clapton fan and have followed everything he has done. I have seen him on three occasions, one of them when he was not at his best. How many of you know about his "blues" virtuosity. A recording called Eric Clapton Blues Polydor 314 547 178-2 I have it on a 2 disc cd set, and it showcases some of his greatest performances, both studio and live. There are also some tracks, such as Ain't That Loving You, a studio track, which can easily show you what your system is really made of. I guarantee a must have for all !

Criticizing Clapton's technique is not absurd, but I do think it's generally misguided. His taste and restraint (I agree on both counts) are impressive, his masterly tone - IMHO - even more so. However, he has always had severely limited fretting technique (although he bends beautifully, often counterintuitevely, and with superb precision). He can do many things with a guitar, but there are also some holes in his game. Back in his rocker's heyday and today. He just works around it to produce memorable music.

an objective point of view not always critisizing it's just discussion of facts.
At least thank EC for rockin out the blues and sending it back to Vanilla Pop America so we could enjoy our own roots music.The songs Crossroads and Spoonfull had been around for years and the Vast majority of Americans had never heard of the blues.Thank you British musicians for introducing us to our music!....
EC is known for single line blues solos,not fretting/chording.He pays backup up musicians for that.Love his blues blues/rock work.EC can do it with one note where a virtuso may need many notes because of lack of soul.JD
Perhaps I should have said that criticizing Clapton's technique is beside the point. It is more than adequate, adn serves his purposes. Technique is only a means to an end, and EC has produced some outstanding music. Other electric guitarists may have more advanced technique, but so what? There even seems to be almost an inverse relationship between techinque and emotional content (although that idea can be carried too far.) The electric guitar players whose music I enjoy most (e.g., Clapton, SRV, Hendrix, Garcia), it's not because they had the most advanced technique (although their technique was admirable and sometimes amazing); it's what they did with what they had.
Clapton is a musician’s musician. I can give you specific examples of musical giants gushing over his playing- people like: McCartney, Harrison, Guy, King, Berry, Dylan, Robertson, Cash, Santana, Beck, Allman, Knopfler, Trucks, Cray, Haynes and the list goes on and on. Celebrity back slapping? I don’t think so. Not from this crowd. Check out his Guitar festivals and you’ll see genuine respect and borderline worshipping from every musician he steps on stage with. From the old guys like JJ Cale to the young guns like Robert Randolph . Their reverence isn’t because of his celebrity status, it’s because they know they’re on stage with a legend and a pro that can play anything.
I understand people who think his concerts are boring because he is not going to put on a show. If you you want virtuosity and facial contortions then go see Eddie Van Halen or Joe Satriani. Enjoy the leg kicks and the satisfaction that you won’t be hearing something a guitar student can play.