For Chet Baker Fans (and all fans of great music)

Chet Baker - Blue Room.  Recent release of two CD set, these previously unissued recordings are from 1979 sessions at Vara Studios in Holland.  The sessions are in pristine condition and Chet's playing is superb.  The packaging is also first rate and contains a 24 page booklet with lots of interesting reading.  So nice that new Chet Baker material is seeing the light of day.  Available from Amazon, I can highly recommend this to anyone who likes beautiful music.  


excellent!!! I love Chet Baker too but kept buying poorly recorded stuff (especially CDs can be worthless) I'll order some LPs and get in the Chet groove, He is so mesmerizing and therapeutic. Unless any other! Seems to play from a place so genuine and almost subconscious if I can even try and express how I feel when he plays.  

The Prestige recordings from 1965  on CD are excellent. Boppin' with the Chet Baker Quintet is a personal favorite recording.

I'm gonna check the OP suggestion out. If you can find this at a decent price,don't hesitate. SQ is Uber on 150 gram vinyl. On Mosiac.