For city apartment dweller audiophiles. Have you ever had neighbors banging on your walls?

I try to be considerate when I play my music but recently I put footers under the spikes of my speakers very highly recommended here. People claiming improvements in sound and a godsend when you need to move them to get behind certain components. I was listening to music and in the middle of a cut I paused my cd transport placed the new footers under the spikes and then I started the player without changing the volume. The music was noticeably louder and I had to turn it down.

Well two days after I was playing music at 8AM no louder than I've been playing it for years and I get banging on my bedroom wall. I listen in my living room so next to it is my bedroom and then the bedroom of my neighbor. The last time it happened was many many years ago and it wasn't music it was a man talking on FM radio. I sensed there was a change in the presence of the music with the new footers but that big of a difference? We have very good sound proofing here and there was a time when I could play Wagner at 5am before work and nobody complained.

Could footers make that much of a difference? I did notice an improvement in presence as well. I do not know this neighbor and she's been living here a few years.

Anybody else have a similar situation when they changed something in their system or maybe you were just playing music too loudly without realizing it?



For sure! you are right...

In Japan, architecture comes with paper walls traditionally then all culture circle around respect and politeness and low noise level.

I am not surprised by Japan big circles of audiophiles among the cities. Noise kill music.Music breath in low DB level slightly under 80 for sure . If not deafness watch for us.

I am lucky to live in a place which for the time being resemble more one of this country more than the other ...😊

Noise kill. Period.


@mahgister In some countries, people have an expectation to be free FROM other people’s excess. In the US, people have a perception that they have the right TO make noise and disturb others. In other words, in the US, the ethos is that I can make noise and so can you. We all have noise together. In other countries, I will be as quiet as I can and you will offer me the same courtesy. We all can have quiet together.

While not everyone conforms to this alignment, we’re all aware of the common understanding of how loud Americans are when vacationing abroad.

Birds sing in England, birds call in America.

@noromance ... Speaking about Germany. It has the most intolerant neighbors and police will "straighten out" the noisy ones if complained. Nearly same for Poland! They even have daylight regulations of calmness and quietness. 

In US people are more tolerant rather than having deliberate perception and cops do right thing not paying attention to such minor issue



@czarivey Sounds like a dream. Imagine quietness and contemplation instead of leaveblowers, OSHA beepers, and piped muzak?