For Gustard R26...which bang for the buck: DDC or LHY OCK clock?

I've been enjoying this dac for several months now. I have tried USB and COAX and now I2S.

There is a noticeable improvement in each of these inputs. I have read many of the discussions here regarding both DDC and external clocks. I am wondering which of these would give more bang for the buck. The Gustard goes very well with my tube amps.

I am considering the LHY OCK 1 or 2 for clocks and undecided for the DDC.




I am currently using wifi to my MacBook. Router is only about 10' away

without obstructions. It's a nice  balance between convenience and

audio quality. there's no Lan connection on this version of MacBook.

I have a Gustard A26 I’m using in a home office system consisting of TeKton Lore speakers , a 1970s refurbished Pioneer 5590 receiver and DIY server ,adding the LHY OCK 2 as described by Kereru caught my interest.

Regarding i2s cables my experience with them has been limited though I did use a silver I2s cable the North American distributor of Rockna Audio uses himself , a DIY cable his partner we’re experimenting with a 30 inches in length at the time I had the Rockna WaveDream Net server and Holo May dac .

I also used USB with both connected was able easily switch between the two cables . It is recommended i2s to be used with Rockna components and yes the i2s did sound marginally better then USB.

Anyway I don’t mean to contradict those beliefs shorter i2s cables should be used exclusively the importer of Rockna knows his product line very well he did not mention this .


I would like to add Rockna Audio do have their own i2s cable it’s responsibly priced availability found with European Rockna dealers, considering the back ground development of Rockna Audio I would think it’s worth checking out .