For SACD fans only

Want to upgrade my SACD playback, currently have Oppo 105-D, which has been fine, but the weak link in my setup. I have a Hegel H390, Raidho XT-2’s and Ansuz cabling throughout, including the DTC distribution box. Currently love the system synergy, sound and setup, but want to upgrade.

So my question for the forum is-- I have narrowed it down to a couple of options and would like to hear thoughts...

1- PS Audio Perfectwave SACD transport, which is now on sale for $4000, and a DAC. I could wait for PS Audio’s forthcoming new Directstream DAC, which they say will utilize the same galvanic isolation in their Perfectwave transport. The reason for the match is the I2S connection, which can deliver "pure" DSD. I believe that a Sony chip is necessary. Another DAC option is to go with a Holo Audio May KTE DAC for around $5000. It has the I2S input, but I don’t believe it will play the "pure" DSD layer.

2- Esoteric K-05XD or Esoteric K-07XD SACD player. Two players not currently available but will be in the next month or 2, for I believe $8500 and $7500 respectively. Esoteric has confirmed to me that they will be available shortly. The nice thing here is that you get 2-in-1, both a high-end transport (one could argue the best available transport at any price) and also a fantastic DAC. I have read reviews of the Esoteric K-03XD, which is available and has the "Master Sound Discrete" DAC. The K-05XD and K-07XD will also use the "Master Sound Discrete" DAC-- reviews are that this is a big step up from previous Esoteric models, and sound fantastic. They have a USB input and other digital inputs, so you can utilize the internal DAC if I should use a server or go the streaming route-- or both.

Currently don’t use a server or streamer, but both options give me that flexibility. One box or 2 boxes? (Holo May DAC would make it 3 boxes!)

Won’t be able to audition unless I buy both and then return one.

Thoughts? Thanks

I've had the McIntosh MCD85 SACD for six months.  I know SACD/CDs are not a McIntosh core product, but I've been completely satisfied with the performance, reliability and ease of use.

SACD and CD sound are simply magnificent; the more I play it the better it gets.  I also connected my Marantz network player to the MCD85 to use the 32bit DAC, it has never sounded better.

Anyone know where I can get a selection of SACDs?  They seem to be a hard to find item.
I would love to own an Esoteric one day, but for now, I really enjoy the performance of my Marantz SA-KI Ruby.
Between going with an Esoteric player and a PS Audio I would lean toward the Esoteric for a couple of reasons not relating to sound quality (I haven't compared them). 

I have an original PerfectWave Transport - the earlier version that only plays CDs, not the new one that plays SACDs. PSA's nomenclature is very confusing. Anyway, this was a $4k transport and it is on its third drive mechanism. I play an average of a 5 or 6 CDs a week. The drive in this expensive transport is just a cheapo off-the-shelf computer drive that can be purchased for about $17 retail. To PSA's credit they have been good to deal with on the two replacements (the second one was after the warranty) but they have told me that it will cost $500 to replace the next one. It turns out that I can replace it myself and I have already laid in a drive for the next time it breaks. I have found out that drive reliability has been an issue for this model.

I've had several pieces of PSA gear over the years and always been happy until this. It is really disappointing that they would equip a $4000 transport with the cheapest computer drive they could find. Based on this experience I probably won't buy another PSA component.

To contrast, I have a Marantz SA8005 for SACDs and it has spun way more discs than the PSA and the transport has never had a glitch (I had it for a few years before the PSA).

I believe that Marantz and Esoteric make their own drive mechanisms and they are much higher quality than something that goes into a PC for 20 bucks. For this reason I think an Esoteric will be better built than a PSA transport.

FWIW, I am leaning toward getting a Marantz KI Ruby SACD player which would be the last SACD player I ever buy. I can't complain at all about the sound of my SA8005 but who knows, the Ruby might be just a little bit better. I'm in no hurry to upgrade.