For the Audiophile with a taste for good design(looks)....a question.

What are your favorite audio components and speakers based on the way they look (looked).  Yes, I know that sound is what counts and that is my major influence, but I do enjoy well designed/good looking products.   I no longer do, but did have a collection of art deco radios, both table models and consoles.....and that was all about design rather than their audiophile qualities.  Thanks 


Yeah, those Tektons are among the ugliest components, and certainly as residential pieces of furniture, that I have laid eyes on .

As wonderful as all the reviews are on Tektons, in fact claiming to challenge and beat out many $30K speakers, I've often wondered why Tekton doesn't put another few hundred dollars into improving the aesthetics in each pair.  This would not meaningfully alter the price point they are building to, considering their reportedly profound value.  In fact when I read threads of folks seeking $20K speakers Tektons often get mentioned so consider the market.  It just seems like they could capture an immensely larger market if the things just looked presentable in a normal living space as opposed to dedicated rooms that have been relegated to basements or rooms that are embarrassingly finished with red carpet and cheesy wanscoting.  They should at least offer a slightly higher-priced trim package for those who love the sound but would be otherwise embarrassed or put off by the looks.
agree w vermonter. also most of the older generation krell’s. they were so unique and macho.
virtually all ML gear has looked good to me.