For those of us over 60..

What band's output would you say best describes you/your life as you see it?

For me, Allman Brothers
How about Cat Stevens?  For all of you who have a son or sons listen to his: Father & Son

Some of us may have grandsons by now.  Start with their generation if you can.
Several come to mind, Genesis: (Specifically Selling England by the Pound),
Thanks for the post and reminding me of my memories.
Dont forget to Enjoy the Music, (while you still can).

Over 60, youngsters, some of us won't see 70 again.

Not very original, but the Beatles of course, with Joni Mitchell as a solo artist. She got me through the teenage angst, just.

My first album purchase.  Meet The Monkees

The first time I had an epiphany listening to music.  Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon

My early life could be sung by Carly Simon and The Carpenters, now The Grateful Dead. 
For me it’s the who , have seen them live 19 times . First in Paris 1979 and most recently Glasgow 2017 .