For those of us over 60..

What band's output would you say best describes you/your life as you see it?

For me, Allman Brothers
The Who.
"So goodbye all you punks, stay young and stay high, just hand me my checkbook, and I'll crawl off and die."..Pete Townsend
First of all the various iterations of the Sun Ra Arkestra followed by Art Ensemble of Chicago.
Based on this thread, it seems like most audiophiles (on this site) seem to like "rock-oriented" music.  But then WHY do equipment reviewers always focus on classical music in their reviews!!  There needs to be a radical change in the reference music typically used by TAS and Stereophile reviewers..... or more likely, a change of the reviewers.   This is why most high-end speakers play classical & jazz really well, but fall flat when asked to ROCK.     (sorry for the off topic post)