For those of you who had spent over hundred thousand dollars for your sound system.

Do you think, in retrospect, that you could have gotten better sound quality out of your sound system with much less money spend. Do you have any regrets for spending huge amount of $$$? If you can start all over again, what would be different this time around? Let’s talk about electronics only and not room improvement for now. I know they go together, but the subject becomes very broad - assume your room is near perfect for sound reproduction.

P.S. Mike Levine, please don't shy away from the subject.  



Good point. I remember much earlier in my pursuit of high end audio being very happy once my system was in place that I got years of pleasure at no additional cost (not including record collecting). I would go many years 5 - 10 without any investments.

My system cost is about double what it has been since my retirement. But if I just consider the incremental $75K I put into my system since I retired (earlier investments well amortized) and that I listen about 1,100 hours a year… assuming I live at least another 10 years… That’s about $7 / hour. My season tickets to the symphony are about $70 / hour. Or $35 / hour if only one seat.


Of course I have custom made bicycles.. those are about $2 / hour. I ride about 5,000 miles a year.

After some reflection, I'd have to say yes, I do have some regrets. In the 90's I had Quad ESLs ("57"). I bought them in non-working condition, and I rebuilt the panels myself. My current speakers are some giant Wilsons and they just can't compare to the Quads for midrange and treble, speed, openness, transparency and a general feeling that you are there at the live performance. 

I regret selling the Quads with the same sort of nostalgia that one might think about an ex-girlfriend that got away.