Looking for fellow Audiophiles, music Lovers, and diy Audio people in the Fort Worth , (and Dallas areas ) , who would like to get together - - - I live in Fort Worth and want to find like minded people to talk about audio equipment and share music , Kind Regards, Dean
Yes - putting together some kind of audio club would be Great !!! I'm not much of an organizer but I will do what I can until we find someone who likes to carry the ball - I am really an introvert at heart : ) I wasn't able to make the meets at Eric's place but hope to soon! I did meet with Seth for a lunch and had a great time talking about audio with him ! He travels alot for work but wants to meet with everyone! - I will try to get in touch with each of you, and maybe we can reach out to other forums and find more people in the area --- Kind Regards, dean
Hi Guys , My email is --- ---- for those who haven't yet - please post your email... OR email me so we can talk about a time to meet together, we can do lunch or meet at homes for audio sessions - what ever works for you ......... Kind Regards, dean
Hi my name is Woody and I'm an audioholic.
I'll send you my contact stuff via email.
aka Woodman
Arlington TX
What would be great is if a few of you local guys would attend Lone Star Audio Fest.

This is scheduled for Dallas, TX. May 4,5 & 6 (2012). Best of all, it's free and very nice local show.

We can swap information, plan listening sessions as well as enjoying the show together.
I know I'm planning to attend, and Dean has mentioned it as well. I certainly look forward to it.