Found a Milty Zerostat alternative

I was thinking about buying the Milty Zerostat but came across a discussion regarding this plasma arc lighter.

It really works well! I took a record out of it's sleeve and held a tissue against it. The tissue stuck to it, even when held upside down.  I turned on the plasma lighter and held it about 1.5" away and made two or three circular passes around. Tried the tissue test again and it would not stick to the vinyl. It's also well constructed and doesn't feel cheap.


@rauliruegas I don't post much and I just wanted to share this information with others who may be interested. No need for you to be posting ignorant and unhelpful responses. 

@lewm I never had a zero stat so I can't compare the two, but it did remove remove the static and there was an audible benefit.

newfzx7, I think Raul was simply urging you to go ahead and buy the arc lighter. I don’t think he meant or communicated anything offensive. But if you do buy the arc lighter, keep in mind that it contains a wear-able element that will eventually need to be replaced with new.  Unlike the Zerostat (apparently because mine is working after 50 years).

I bought one to use on LPs, but have not tried yet.  I works amazingly for loosening up staticky coffee grounds in my burr grinder's catch chamber, though!  I use it on that almost every morning.

I have owned zerostats for over thirty years. As much as I wanted results… they did nothing. I finally tossed them a few years ago.