Found a Milty Zerostat alternative

I was thinking about buying the Milty Zerostat but came across a discussion regarding this plasma arc lighter.

It really works well! I took a record out of it's sleeve and held a tissue against it. The tissue stuck to it, even when held upside down.  I turned on the plasma lighter and held it about 1.5" away and made two or three circular passes around. Tried the tissue test again and it would not stick to the vinyl. It's also well constructed and doesn't feel cheap.



Worth trying.  I own a Zerostat that I purchased in the seventies and still works.  I don't know if the new models can do this anymore but when you aim it at a fluorescent light bulb, it will light up, even four foot long bulbs.

Best solution is clean your album and replace the album sleeve with static free ! 
done no need for static machines!!

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I live in Tucson and you're right about static--it was mijostyn who recommended the anti static grounded brush and i use that as well and it works--a little fiddly to set up so that it tracks properly--meanwhile my 80's era Zerostat gathers dust somewhere...


I still have my original Zerostat (the body of which is glossy red, both smaller and more rounded than the Zerostat III) sitting in a drawer, but stopped using it when in the 1980’s I got the already-mentioned Nagaoka Kilavolt No. 103, which I greatly preferred. If you find a used one, snap it up!

Another great anti-static gun is the Furutech Destat III, which unfortunately sells for around $300. If you’re patient, you may get lucky and find one for $200, as did I on an auction site.

Whichever pistol you use, de-stat both sides of your LP whilst holding it in your free hand, off the table’s platter.