Found Great Seller - Plinth for Technics 1200 GAE

In 2016, when I ran across a NOS Technics 1200 GAE (the anniversary edition) I had to buy it.

Aesthetics matter to me. While the original SL 1200 design was pretty amazing, I thought it had grown a bit tired by the 2010s/2020--especially for a $5k deck.

Getting a wood plinth for the G series seemed a little tricky as some of the tolerances, down the millimeter, did not match up.

I found a guy on Etsy who took the precise measures of the GAE and made me a beautiful wood plinth. You can see his listing/shop here:

Surprisingly fast turnaround and shipping (got the plinth in 2 weeks from order, shipped from Madrid). Price was reasonable.

Highly recommended. Now, my table is more pleasing to my subjective eye and it’s easier to clean around since the plinth keeps dust out from the feet and undercarriage.

I have no affiliation with the seller/craftsman. Just a nice experience and I’m pleased.

File this under positive post, happy audiophile customer.

PS Little tweaks like this saved me from doing something silly like selling the GAE.


@atmasphere , thank you for your technical correction. 


@jmolsberg, I do. I need to update my system picks. I'll try tonight. 

fyi i had one of these, looked very nice but the mounting system was unstable imho.  it used 4 thin plastic rectangles that were captured by the turntable feet.  the peices were then pushed to the corners of the plinth shell where they would fit under a narrow step held in place by friction.  

adjusting the level of the table affected the position of the mounts and they had to be reseated.  

the wood and finish are very nice but the unstable mounting needs a design change to something more solid