Four Hour Tube Amp Warm-Up

My Primaluna Tube amps require a 4 hour warm-up in order to enter the Glory Zone. My previous Muzishare X7 tube amp was the same. Just wondering if this holds with the experience of other tube ampers.


I don’t know how people wait that long. It might warm up a lot faster if you just start using it from the get go rather than leaving it idle. I may watch some tv or better yet blast some cooking music that I can hear from the kitchen. Then, when I’m ready, I’ll switch to triode mode, make my selection, and let the music wash over me. 

My carver black magic take less than 5 minutes to get the bias meter up & stable at 100. It's playing nonstop for the next 6 hours, every single day. Sound starts great & stays there. 

My Mal Valve 2 and VAC 300.1 have a good sound after 45 minutes. After 4 hours , they sounds amazing !

It took my solid state equipment 4 hours to sound its best.

My current Primaluna Evo sounds great in less than an hour.

It could be equipment that's in front of the Primaluna that needs more time.

But certainly my sense is that tube gear hits its sweet spot sooner than solid state.


My tube amps seem to warm up pretty quickly...10 to 20 minutes maybe? My Pass XA-25 takes about 45 minutes although it sounds damn good immediately upon start-up.