Fozgometer Rental Anyone?

Is anyone aware of a source to rent a Fozgometer?  If you own one and would be opening to renting yours out I'd pay shipping both ways and a reasonable rental price. 
I'll try to get the Foz (and record if needed) out to sevs this weekend, and then we'll get it to jbhiller after Xmas. Happy to keep offering this service. 
I like the rental idea.  I own a Foz also which I recently recalibrated per Analog Planet recommendation and would rent.  Does anyone have a Feickert mounting jig they might want to rent? My user name is my last name without the L on the end. Call me in marshfield wisconsin.

Interesting idea...the rental.

I own one and find I don't need to use it most of the time. With my ET arm, I like using it as this arm has to be manually twisted on it's mount to adjust azimuth. This isn't a very accurately repeatable feat so the Foz really helps. On my VPI  3D arm or my Townshend/Funk Firm set-up, I don't need it.

In my (symmetrical) room, I've found if I have my speakers set up identically, I can adjust azimuth by ear very easily on the last two arms I listed.

May I ask why do you feel you need one?