Fozgometer V2

I've been interested in a fozgometer for some time now. I'd like one to help me understand crosstalk and channel separation, so I've been aiming to pick one up. Stopped by a dealer today, was told they're essentially "for people who want to waste money" and "why would you need one of those when you can put on a modern pop mono record" to measure Azimuth. I was told this tool isn't any more more correct or exacting than your ears, but they've never used a Fozgometer (even though they have access to them. I've tried this particular dealer multiple times and just always seem to leave with a bad taste in my mouth and always ask myself why I torture myself with even visiting them.

What are some general thoughts on the Fozgometer V1 or even V2? I don't own an oscilloscope nor do a have local hifi enthusiasts to help educate me. My current setup for cartridge alignment is the mirrored version that's available for $15. I'm looking to get more precision out of my alignment and figured the Fozgometer was a tool to not only measure, but to corroborate what I'm hearing. Any advice?


I use a Wallytractor to do the basic alignment and I use a 10x magnifier to see the markings.  The Wally Tractor is not the easiest tool to use, but it gives you more ways to confirm your alignment is good than other protractors and it is the best thing to use for my Vector arm which is a little bit hard to locate the precise center of the pivot.  I also have a SmarTractor (donated to my local dealer) which is far easier to use and I highly recommend it where the pivot point is easy to find.

I use a mirror of the right thickness and the magnifier to confirm proper optical azimuth setting.

VTA/SRA I set by first establishing thar the arm is parallel to the record surface (a ruled index card set just behind the arm makes this easy.  From there, I just experiment by listening.  If the pivot is raised too high, the sound is thin and sibilant, too low and it sounds dull. 
I have a USB microscope, but I never use it for alignment because it is a pretty fussy thing to set up and aim properly.

@larryi awesome stuff. I've been checking out the Wally gear and Dr Feickert protector as well. I guess I'll start here and see where it takes me. 

My understanding is that the Foz (V1 and V2) uses channel balance and channel separation/crosstalk to set azimuth, but does not take into account phase angle to set azimuth. The Foz assumes the best channel separation/crosstalk will be at the same point where there is zero phase angle, which is what it should be in theory but, given manufacuting variability, is not always the case in actuality. But the Foz is better than some.of the other ways of adjusting for azimuth.