Frank Zappa?

He's been gone for a long time yet I still play his stuff on my system.
Apostrophe is my favorite.Im on my third LP,and had the CD once.When I was 14 Id turn off the lights in our family room ,play it a few times on our console stereo and listen with my eyes closed,my Mother thought I was nuts! She thought Frank was,,,,weird.I enjoyed music so much,even on a cheap console it would completly take me to a higher place,,without drugs .I still enjoy Franks music!
A truly gifted and unique musician. No one will ever fill his particular musical space, that's for sure. His abilities as a composer, lyricist, guitarist were profound.

As an aside, I saw the "Zappa plays Zappa" tour a few years back and Dweezil did a remarkable job with his father's stuff. What a great show- Frank would be proud.
I particularly like "Imaginary Disease" which is an all instrumental affair released from the vault in 2007. It is Zappa at his finest playing jazz/rock fusion style with a full horn section. The title track, DC Boogie, and Montreal are stand out cuts. Makes you appreciate not only what a great guitat player Zappa was, but also what a keen ear he had for complex arrangements. Unfortunately, this one is getting hard to find and consequently expensive.
Frank Zappa? Yes, please. Too hard to pick just one album, but: Lumpy Gravy, Absolutely Free, We're Only in it for the Money, Apostrophe, Overnite Sensation, Sheik Yerbouti, Grand Wazoo, Zoot Allures, and The Best Band You Never Heard in your Life, are favorites and I'm probably missing a couple other great ones like Freak Out!