Fraudulent sale on eBay

I JUST TONIGHT SEPT 10, CAME ACROSS AN AUCTION FOR JBL 300 "SUMMITS". (300S THEYRE NOT SUMMITS). FOR SALE FOR $300.00. FORGET IT!!! I BID $65,000. I REPORTED TO EBAY. BUT THIS LOOKS LIKE THE SAME WOMAN I HELPED PUT OUT OF THE SCAMMING BUSINESS 15 YEARS AGO. IT MEANS WHEN THEY TAKE THIS DOWN, A STRING OF "TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE" auctions WILL COME UP. THE WOMAN Interpol caught went to prison but she may be out right about now. She SUPPOSEDLY sold brand new in box Martin Logan Vistas for $3000 with free overnight delivery from Europe! Good deal since the delivery was $6,000.00.   I just followed her all day bidding millions of dollars on each auction.  As soon as you see the "DO NOT BID, contact me directly" its a scam, head south.


So the US doesn't have criminals or counterfeiters? 

You can couch your comments in pro-American jargon, but you live in a glass house and shouldn't be throwing stones.

I do not dispute that China contributes to worldwide counterfeiting, it's the your tarring an entire country based on a few percentage of the population that I find distasteful.

@tony1954 These are facts, not racial slurs. Arguing with people who are not anchored to facts is like mud wrestling with pigs. You get filthy and the pigs love it. 

Of course there are counterfeiters in the USA and in Canada too. However our governments do try to stem the flow of counterfeit goods, unlike the PRC and other countries. There are outstanding products made in the PRC and some great brands too.