FREE - THIEL CS 2_2 to a Good Home

Very good condition, except  one significant chip out of the wood veneer (maybe 1/2" x 1/2" ) on top of one of them.  Light Oak finish.

You can find a Stereophile review online - mostly positive.

Requirements - you need to meet me near Rochester, NY for pick up.  No shipping.



good job to you as well!

its fun to know the next person places value on the same thing you did...

lordy rop45, that is a titanic generosity on your part, sure wish i lived near there. that speaker would be worth it for me to invest in better upstream components for. i have a baby set that i'd love to use as rear channels to these. 

My commendations. My experience and most probably many others is that we continue to purchase gear and we are left many times wondering what to do with the old gear that is still working perfectly, but has been stranded by virtue of our desire to upgrade. If we have the means to move our systems forward, perhaps we also have the means to be generous to those who would love to enjoy the items that once gave us a great deal of satisfaction. I think I've heard the term 'pay it forward' or something like that. Usually when we give to others it comes back to us eventually in the most interesting ways.

In my younger years i wanted these speakers so bad and could not afford  them. I eventually began crossing audio equipment off my bucket list. I think you are going to make someone very happy. Have a great day!

This is the kind of thing that me think there is hope for us after all. it's also making me realize the "treasure trove" of old obsolete black boxes and monkey coffins in my basement aren't going to buy me a private island for retirement.