Freezer Cryoed Cables...

Hi all, you can get about the effect as Cryoed treatments by putting your cables or components in the Freezer for 24 hours and then put them in the refrigerator for one or two hours.........this REALLY works!!! Try this with the cables you have now.......Try this for yourself and see if you "hear a difference"............Richard
Freeze your baseball cap and marinate it with sugar
the sound is sweeter,and more liquid.Just wear the
cap while its still wet and cold.If possible, get
a cold shower,while standing on a cryod diamond racing
cone.Then sit on a bucket of ice, your system will
sound more cooler and natural.
Methinks we've beat this thread to death, or are we all just letting off some steam( to help thaw out this frozen thread)?
Here's my guess.

Rpatrick thinks all summer about what his Masters thesis should be. Comes up with something along the lines of "Gullibility & civility of message board readers" or, perhaps, "Gullibility & civility of audiophiles" and crafts an experiment of posting some made up goofiness on various web sites and then studies the responses, sees how many bite, etc. Posts similar things in various forums to build buzz and/or lend credence to initial goofiness or to see if one board's denizens are more gullible than another's. Maybe does this in several subject areas - tests audiophiles versus videophiles versus Kerry supporters versus Bush supporters.

Timing is right – starts posting here in August when he gets back to school. Timing is right for the swift boat boys and fake national guard documents as well. Hmmm.

Everyone that has responded...web lab rats.

Now, back to the music. In the words of Tonio K: "Just because we're hypnotized, that don't mean we can't dance".
Finally, someone has caught on. I would suggest that you visit my posts as well as those of Slappy. I feel that we have posted appropriately given the nature of the "thesis".

That being said, very well put...
Wstritt, Nice of you to join us in this Habitrail of a Tweak 4 Twits thread!

Maybe we should freeze all Politicians from now on prior to a debate?

Oops, back to the freezer to freeze my Marigo Tuning Dots!