French Female Vocalist Jazz Blues Suggestions ???

I would appreciate some suggestons for music performed by French female vocalists Preferebly Slower Jazz or Blues but I am also open to pop and Rock. Thanks!
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French-Canadian jazz singer Madeleine Peyroux. Her album, "Careless Love" is excellent.
For Pop, don't pass up Lara Fabian. She truly is excellent, and so too are many of the recordings.

She has offerings in 3 other languages as well, including English. Lara is huge in Europe, and is deserving of the accolades. She's pretty easy on the eyes too.

Check out for more.
In reference to my previous post, there is a better link to sample Lara's music. The link will direct you to 13 videos from a PBS special, and require Windows Media Player software. There are selections in English, Italian, French, and I believe one is Spanish. I am especially fond of "Adagio". Anyhow, I hope these are to your liking.

Here's the link:
Dee Dee Bridgewater is an American jazz vocalist who spent a number of years in France. She has just released a CD in French that may be worth checking out: J'ai Deux Amours.