Fritz Carbon 7 SE MKII

So I have read and listened to 4 reviews on the Fritz Carbon 7 SE MKII speakers.  Wow these sound like hands down the best speakers made for $3K and under. Does anybody on the forum have hands on experience with them. One of the things I was wondering of course is ur take on them and how they may compare to speakers that are more expensive.


I have Fritz’s Rev 7 SE so not what you’re asking about but they are great speakers and a great value. Wide, tall and deep soundstage, excellent imaging and they disappear. Very good detail and transients as well and are easy to listen to for long listening sessions.  I find myself tapping my toes often while listening to them as they are very engaging.  They do well at all volumes and have very good bass response for a standmount. They are easy to drive, I think most if not all of Fritz’s speakers have a minimum of 6 ohms. I have gone to audition several other speakers thinking I wanted to upgrade and every time I leave thinking that the other speakers might sound different or do one particular thing a bit better but it’s not worth the $10k or more price tag.  I also leave thinking what an outstanding speaker and value the Fritz is.  I’ve auditioned Fyne, Joseph Audio and B&W standmounts and they were all very good but the Fritz is right there with them for half the price. They do everything an audiophile speaker should do at a great price. Are there better speakers? Of course but probably at 3-4 times the price based on what I have experienced.  If they had a name brand attached to them they’d likely cost 2-3 times what Fritz sells them for.

I purchased a pair of Carbon 7 se mkii’s from John in 2022.  They are paired with a Van Alstine power amp and preamp. They are lovely sounding speakers.  Very engaging but not showy.  They aren’t hyper detailed and just present as natural and relaxed but all the information in the music is there .

I think they are designed to be friendly with pretty much all amplifiers and will be just as happy with a more budget amp as with an super refined amp. 
John has a very generous trial policy so testing the waters to see if they’re right for you is easy.

AS an owner of the Carbontse mk2s I can second all the aforementioned. If truly interested in these speakers give John (Fritz) a call. 

I drive mine with both a tube and a SS amplifier in rotation, each rated at 20wpc.

I had a pair of Carrerra BE's that Fritz brought to me in San Francisco about 3 years ago; they.replaced Harbeth Super 5's, which were really not the best for the music I like, which is rock. They're great and sound wonderful; I also tried a pair of KLH Model 5's and enjoyed those for awhile, but ended up selling them and keeping the Fritzes. I sold the Fritzes in Autumn of 2023 and replaced them with much more expensive Marten speakers... For the money, you really can't top the speakers that Fritz makes, and he's a really good guy, too. 

I have listened to them several times and I find them terrific values at anything under $10k. Exceptional parts quality.

The only possible negative is that if you are enamored with certain "high end" speaker's sound you'll find them too laid back, on the other hand if you've played the merry go round long enough you'll hear them as very neutral and transparent.

Like all speakers, they do benefit greatly from room treatment.  They sound much larger in a well-treated room than in one which is very reflective.