Fritz Carrera or other possibilities!

     I am currently shopping for monitor speakers in the $4000 price range new or used. The reviews for the Fritz Carerra's are very positive and I'm trying to explore all my options before making a decision. My room is 12x15x8. My current monitor speakers are about 4 ft. out from the wall behind them and 3 ft. from the side walls. I can be flexible with placement. This seems to work well with my current speakers.

     I don't have a lot of room treatments, but have enough soft furniture in the room that helps with absorption. I also have 2 GIK Soffit Bass traps in the corners behind the speakers, which really helped to tighten up the bass. I will be augmenting the speakers with 2 Rythmik F-12 subwoofers and I would prefer monitors, but am open to other suggestions. The room is not too overly damped or too lively, seems to be just about neutral. I sit about 10 feet from the speakers and they are about 8 feet apart in an equilateral triangle. I'm also about 2 feet from the wall behind me. I pretty much like all types of music from rock to classical to bluegrass and jazz. I'm looking for speakers that will sound good with all types of music. I like to hear warm detailed but not overly bright speakers. My limit new or used is $4000. I live in the Northeast so it's all but impossible to audition speakers in my area. Any suggestion or recommendations would be greatly appreciated!



Dehavilland Ultraverve III tube preamp

D-sonic amplifier M3a-800s 400 watts into 8ohms

Sony XA-5400 SACD player

2 Rythmik F-12 subwoofers and a Velodyne SMS-1. 


I have to agree with those who prefer the sliced paper cones with the non Be tweets.  The Be variants I think are better for bringing out detail at low volumes, but the ring radiator is nearly perfect.  Does the vanishing act perfectly.

I have the Fritz Carrera Bs two things (using tubes): treat the room and good stable/heavy stands will make a big difference. Just got my Sound Anchor stands after almost 2 months wait. That B tweet will splash around in an untreated room. Good stable stands stop any smearing and tighten the bass very nice. Everything sounds very balanced top to bottom and disappear here setup to the thirds rule of the room. Very good indeed!

That B tweet will splash around in an untreated room.


That's a really good point.  The ring radiator has a narrow dispersion, which works for me and for those with more limited spacing.  I've not heard the Be tweeter with enough room / treatment.