Fritz Speakers

Lots of good reviews and comments here about Fritz speakers. I spoke to Fritz a few times about 5-6 years ago when last looking for new speakers, but went in a different direction. I find myself in the market once more, re-considering Fritz, and focused on the Carreras right now but interested in his entire line.

In particular, I'm wondering if anyone can comment on their low-level listening qualities. That's how I spend a lot of my time with my system. Speakers like the Focals do really well at lower volumes, and I'm looking for a similar experience. Interested in any comments about the BE tweeters as well. Thanks.


I own a pair of the Fritz Rev 5 SE, which are no longer offered, and they are very good at 50-70db where I prefer to listen.  I even run them as front speakers on  a Midfi Home Theatre amp in direct 2-channel mode.  I’m sure they would be even better with a nice 2 channel amp set up.

To be clear, I should have said low volume and not low level. That's what I'm after, but I think you all get it.

I have the Fritz Carrera BEs running with a First Watt Sit-3 and they sound great at low to medium volume, where I do most of my listening.  

You circled back to the right choice. My ears do not tolerate levels above 75dB for long. I own the Carrera BE 7s. Perfect speaker with the SB acoustic BE tweeter that is not too hot. I use a Pass 25INT. Good match. 

First of all, since my days with the Rogers LS3 5A I love little loudspeakers. If well designed they do  75% of the spectrum better than most larger system under one condition. You hand that bottom 25% to a subwoofer and use a two way crossover preferably digital. You will need two subs and you will have to cross somewhere between 90 and 120 Hz. Look at the phase and impedance curves. They go wonky under 100 Hz. The little woofers are really midrange drivers and trying to make bass requires large excursions which Doppler distort everything else the woofer is doing like Ella's voice. This is less noticeable at low levels. Subwoofers however turn David into Goliath just in case you want to turn it up on occasion. 

The Fritz is a great speaker. I would compare them the Harbeth P3s and the Falcon Acoustics speakers. I know the Harbeths really well as I set up my son in law up with a system around them. They are every bit as good if not better than the old Rogers and a great value. Their tweeter is ferrofluid cooled. With subs they go louder than anyone can tolerate and they image beautifully. I have not heard the Falcons but they get universally good reviews. 

The perfect amp for any of these speakers is the Atma-Sphere MA1. Even listening at low levels peaks can run surprisingly high and you have to be able to cover them or the speaker will sound constrained dynamically. The first watt is important but so is every other. If you have a wildly efficient loudspeaker smaller amps are fine. None of these speakers fit that description. 

Put two Kef KF92 subs under any of these speakers and you will be stylin.