Fritz Speakers

Lots of good reviews and comments here about Fritz speakers. I spoke to Fritz a few times about 5-6 years ago when last looking for new speakers, but went in a different direction. I find myself in the market once more, re-considering Fritz, and focused on the Carreras right now but interested in his entire line.

In particular, I'm wondering if anyone can comment on their low-level listening qualities. That's how I spend a lot of my time with my system. Speakers like the Focals do really well at lower volumes, and I'm looking for a similar experience. Interested in any comments about the BE tweeters as well. Thanks.


I'm a newish owner/user of Fritz Carbon 7 SE mk2 speakers.

I purchased directly from John last summer.

My listening is usually in the mid 60's (db's) with peaks in the low 70's.  Sometimes when my wife is upstairs I'll listen very low and I'm astonished how, after allowing my hearing to acclimate to such a different presentation, how full and engaging the sound is.  It's like those speakers don't give up the low end or the top end when the volume goes low.  As long as I can keep my tinnitus in check, I can listen a long time at these late night low volumes and be totally in the music.

I couldn't be happier with that purchase.  I sometimes swap in my Magnepan LRS's but they typically get pulled for the Fritz's after a couple of days.

+1 @jaudio1  I also own the Carbon and 7 SEmk2s.  Also happen to own the LRS+ speakers. The Fritz do not require anything near the power (current) required by the LRS+. A 20wpc tube amp works well.

@mesch yes the Fritz don't require the power the LRS do...not anywhere close. 
Fortunately my Van Alstine amp plays very nicely with both sets of speakers. 

But ...the treat is, surprisingly I can also use my 3.5 watt 2a3 SET amp with the Fritz with great results.

I've been running these Fritz speakers without subs for a few weeks.   Honestly I don't miss the subs.  I have just enough room gain that everything is nice and full and balanced.   Am considering a digital crossover as some point to relieve the Fritz's (and amp) of a little low end duty and pass that on to stereo subs...but haven't embarked on that adventure yet.   But...there are plenty of happy listeners with Fritz speakers going without subs. 

@j_andrews  I also run the Fritz without subs. Plenty of bass for my bedroom sized room. I must say I also considered the use of an active crossover for use with the LRS+ however rethinking that. The cost of a quality one might be better spent elsewhere.