from a Krell SS- FPB 600 to What Tube Amp ?

I have been a Krell listener for 15 years, from the KSA-150 to the FPB 300 ,to now the FPB 600. I love the Power in Class A, and the great Bass that the Krell offers. But I think I maybe missing out here on some great tube amps. I think it is time to give a reasonable audition to some Tube Amps. IF I could please get some experienced answers , that would be much appreciated, like someone who has gone threw this transition . I know all the names of the best tube amps, but getting someone who has experienced this is very valuable to me. My budget is $5K- $8K used prefered, $$lower also works.

My System:

Meitner-EMM Labs DCC2 + Phillips cdp D.O.M ( Truly Amazing )
Kubala Emotion cables, all cables (***** Truly Amazing )
Walker Velociter ( Great Stuff )
Infinity MTS Preludes, 6 Ohms (also need to change)
Townshend Super Tweeters ( Great Stuff )
Krell FPB-600
Slightly off topic but can you elaborate a little on the Kubala cables? There's not much information about them. Also what's the price range?


Before you abandon the Krell I suggest you audition the CX series. I went from a FPB 300 to a 400CX and the improvement was not suttle.

I have owned 3 different Krell pre amps 3 Krell Amps and A cd player. and never had so much as a huccup from any of them.

My only problem with tube gear is that when you retube you have to wonder when it started sounding bad compared to the new tubes. Also different tubes will sound different. Which is right?

Get a new Krell and plug and play Enjoy the music.

On the Kubala , well lets say I have had 2 years of trial and error, on cable testing. My home reference consisted of Transparent Reference Speaker cables, after many attemps , with Silteck G5, Valhalla, Supra Swords, Ensemble, the only cable that I found was better was the Jena Valkyres, bought them and they were great, until I tried the Kubala Emotion, I have to say they got auditioned and are now in my system.

Next my interconnect for my reference system were Valhalla XLR, I tried Siltech G5, Ridge Street Audio, Pure Note, Omiga, Meitner, and now Kubala Emotion in my system,

Power Cords, I was using Elrod, Harmonix, Kimber, now Kubala in my system.

This is a new company, that will IMO do very well, The speaker cables has excellent bass extension with the best midrange sound and clearly the best prices. The Interconnects are much better than the Valhallas , much darker back ground , and much more detail. The Power cords are outstanding, blows away latest Elrod and latest Harmonix.

Because all these cords are system dependent, you should try there 30 day free trial. All I can say is call Bob at Rhapsody Audio in NY tel 212 229 1842, and he will be able to answer all of your questions. He will take care of you. Supply you with prices and a service to die 4 .

You will not be disapointed,
VTL REFERENCE 750 if this aint enough bass you need a hearing test. oh and by the way all real amplifiers have tubes not that I'm biased but I am and so are my 24 6550's