From bryston to simaudio

Is going from Bryston 4B Cube to Simaudio Moon 760a considered as an upgrade or a lateral move, providing that both amps can sufficiently drive speakers that I have. I thought matching Moon 390 with 760a would yield a greater synergy than the Bryston amp. 
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Thanks twoleftears. Would you mind explaining what does 760a do better than 4B Cube? 
The sound you are getting now is 90% a result of your preamp. Even if you change the amplifier, you will still have the Moon 390 dictating much of the flavor of the sound.
Upgrading your preamp ( or adding one to the 390 DAC) is the key here. The Bryston 4b3 is more than qualified to amplify the signal he is receiving upstream. That amp will give you what it is getting from the preamp.

My suggestions of preamps for you to try:
McIntosh C2700, ARC Ref6 SE, Linn Select DSM Katalyst, etc.

The Bryston is a good amp.  In particular, it has muscle.  The Sim Moon Audio products are more expensive because they are more refined; think muscle + sophistication.