From DL-103r to Dyna17Dmk2...??

I'm using DL103r and thinking of getting 17Dmk2, is it worth?. Some say it has a similar performance...pls. comment

I switch between those same two cartridges and sometimes I have a hard time chosing between the two. The Karat is quieter in the grooves with a slightly more pure midrange. Other than that they are fairly close in performance.
Dlwask - what about the relative bass/midbass balance of the two cartridges, is the 17D a leaner less robust cartridge? Or is it pretty similar to the 103R?
Tobes - the Karat has very good bass response and exhibits bass/midbass texture very well but lacks a little in the bass slam department. This does not bother me too much mostly because of the type of music I listen too. So don't dwell on that too much.

The 103R is every bit as dynamic as the Karat and you gain some bass slam but you get a little less bass/midbass texture.

Also keep in mind set up with the two cartridges. With the 103R you can quickly get in the ball park and minor tweaks or changes seem not to phase it, but if you keep going you'll find its magic. The Karat is more sensitive to set up but more readily reveals changes.

Its tough to move up from a 103R because you have to go a few extra steps up the ladder for significant improvements.
Thanks Dlwask, I forgot to ask about tracking performance. The 103R is perhaps the best tracking cartridge I've owned - amazing for a low tech conical stylus - how is the 17D in this respect? What about warp tracking with that tiny cantilever? The 103R tracks warps like a mountain goat and the near ideal resonant frequency in my Graham arm means very little woofer pumping from problem warps.
With my uni-pivot JMW 9 Signature and the Karat I've had no problems with the Karat tracking, and I've had my fair share of new LPs with some warps in them lately. Actually only time I had any trouble was when I was experimenting with anti-skating.