From DL-103r to Dyna17Dmk2...??

I'm using DL103r and thinking of getting 17Dmk2, is it worth?. Some say it has a similar performance...pls. comment

Thanks Dlwask, I forgot to ask about tracking performance. The 103R is perhaps the best tracking cartridge I've owned - amazing for a low tech conical stylus - how is the 17D in this respect? What about warp tracking with that tiny cantilever? The 103R tracks warps like a mountain goat and the near ideal resonant frequency in my Graham arm means very little woofer pumping from problem warps.
With my uni-pivot JMW 9 Signature and the Karat I've had no problems with the Karat tracking, and I've had my fair share of new LPs with some warps in them lately. Actually only time I had any trouble was when I was experimenting with anti-skating.