From NAMM 24. Manteo Mancuso

Check him out on YT, play Chameleon. Enjoy ! MrD.


Another great jam with Tomo Fujita, all on YT, and check out his Isn't She Lovely. Many great ones. Yes, I am a fan

Anyone into fine guitar players, especially electric, should check him out. SRV is a favorite of mine, and has a style unlike most. Matteo,  seems to be able to play any genre of guitar music. We all have favorites, and I know I had backlash from someone prior when I praised Matteo on an earlier thread. 27 years old...the age when Hendrix went to his better place ( as a loss to us all ). Check him out playing Eric Johnson's " Cliffs Of Dover ". Mancuso will just get better. My best, MrD.