From pass xa25 to krell k-300i

Good morning!

I could change my pass xa25 to a krell k300i. Is it a upgrade?

I'm looking to a more resolution, open sound, transparency.

What are the differences between the two?


My biggest piece of advice is that the Pass sound to me is unique and that a fan of that sound would not want to switch, and the OP should use their own ears rather than anyone else's when making that choice.

Personally, I'd take Luxman or Ayre over either of those, with the Ayre also having it's unique sound presentation.

I'm not familiar with the Krell but I had a Pass XA25. It wasn't for me. I prefer my Jeff Rowland Continuum S2 over the Pass. These are very different designs. I find the JRDG to be very transparent but highly musical (not analytical).