From separate streamer and DAC to al-in-one suggestion

I'm contemplating moving from my setup:

Lumin U1 Mini w/sbooster LPS -> Audio Mirror Tubadour SE III DAC

to an all-in-one unit. I will use it strictly as a Roon endpoint. Since there are no R2R NOS type streamers, I've been looking at the AK based ones, like

Rose RS150
Cary DMS-600/650

Also rest of system is Omega 98db speakers, Slagle Autoformer Preamp -> Oliver Sayes 421a based tube amp.

Wonder if I'll be happy with the latest sigma/delta dacs in a all-in-one type unit. Anyone else made a similar move to mine?


Thanks @jb505  the Linn has come up a few times and something I should look at. 

Short list:
Bricasti M3
Meitner MA3
Linn Accurate DSM

I do like the fact that the Linn has analog input so I could connect my phono preamp to it. 

I'm sure anyone would sound amazing but I'd vote for the Bricasti for 2 reasons. 1 made in USA and second excellent customer support if ever needed. I love my own M3

You can get an R2R streaming DAC in the form of the Bricasti M21 or M21 Platinum. The M21 includes three distinct digital processing paths: 1/ Sigma-Delta, including DoP, 2/ R2R, 3/ DSD in analog. Roon recognizes it as an endpoint and the network connection is via Ethernet. $16K or $19K, depending on whether you get the standard or Platinum version. Certainly not cheap but not stratospherically-priced and better than most of what is priced higher.


@rsf507 I'm definitely leaning towards the Bricasti specifically for the reasons you mention. I would have an entire made in usa system including amps and speakers 👍

Not to mention they offer upgrades as well. 

All good either way you decide to go.

I do have HDMI on the Linn so I have my big screen hooked up to it. So when I play a You Tube or Blu-ray concert it comes through my Linn.

Tough choice, but a great list. Enjoy.