Front End Suggestions Streaming

Currently running a Roku (HDMI) into my TV, out (optical) to my DAC.

Using Spotify for Roku.

Alternatively, I have a CD player with a USB in, where I occasionally play CDs or hook my iPod up to use the Valhalla coax cable running out and into my DAC.

I love streaming services.

Anyone have any suggestions for a better quality front end than my TV and $300 CD player? I was thinking maybe Roku USB (get rid of the USB connection) or Amazon Fire TV (Optical direct into DAC)...

(I like being able to see Spotify on the TV screen, it's so easy to control...!)
Focal makes a small.component that plugs into the back of your integrated or pre amp, using standard interconnects. It's a bluetooth aptX receiver, and if you have a phone that can broadcast aptX Bluetooth, you can stream spotify into your stereo using your phone as the controller. Other companies make these small receivers, I tried a Rocketfish one and was disappointed.
I use a lowly Netgear NeoTV 550 (now discontinued)with GREAT results with its Toslink out to a Wyred4Sound DAC 2 and its HDMI out to my TV (does anyone know of a high end music player with HDMI out?) with its remote control over streaming Hi-Res audio or movies via a stand-alone USB hard drive.

The NeoTV is very similar to the Roku, Apple TV, or Western Digital products, but it streams 24-192, and gaplessly! (Of course it also supports Blu-Ray ISOs, DTS, etc.)

Highly recommended, although it doesn't connect to Spotify...